About the WeThrive Academy

Using the Academy to access learning resources for line managers to improve their leadership skills and build happier more productive teams

What is the WeThrive Academy?

The WeThrive Academy is an ever growing library of learning resources for line managers, to improve their leadership skills and build happier more productive teams. There is also a range of resources for employees, focused on helping improve different aspects of working life such as wellbeing, collaboration and development.

The Academy is completely free and available to anyone who would like to browse our library of resources for managers and employees.

The WeThrive Academy can also be included as part of a WeThrive subscription, where all features align to help you and your leaders dig deeper into underlying issues at work, spot opportunities for improvement, take action and track progress. To find out how the Academy works in conjunction with the WeThrive platform click here.

Can I use the Academy?

Yes! The Academy’s free resources are available to anyone. Our mission is to have a positive impact on the lives of 20 million people, so simply start browsing using the menu in the top right hand corner. If you’re a WeThrive customer, additional pages are available via your engagement surveys and coaching recommendations.

Need help?

Got some questions about the Academy or want to understand more about how it works with our other WeThrive features? Are you an existing WeThrive user but aren’t sure how to get full access to these resources? If you have these questions or anything else you’d just like to chat about, contact us via the form below and we’ll get straight back in touch.